Benefits to Finance Directors

Workplace Pension Benefits to Employers

We have years of experience in helping employers large and small comply with workplace pension legislation. Our largest client has around one thousand employees spread over forty four sites; whereas others have only a handful of staff.

Despite these differences in size, almost all told us that they had three main problem areas - relating to auto enrolment - before we helped them:

  • They didn’t want to ‘do’ pensions and didn’t know where to start. Which pension provider should they choose and how could they justify the choice?
  • They wanted to keep costs to a minimum whilst ensuring that they complied with the government legislation.
  • They wanted to minimise disruption in the workplace – by avoiding confusion for employees and minimising changes to the current payroll processes.

Maybe you feel the same?

We address these issues like this:

  • You get an independent pension provider research report to robustly justify your choice of pension scheme. We then set up your chosen pension scheme.
  • We help you make the most of the capabilities of your existing payroll software. We then look at the most advantageous definitions of pensionable earnings for your company. Both of these actions save your business money and could potentially make the entire project cost neutral.
  • You get straightforward, plain English communications and presentations from us. This means that your employees will be far less likely to ask you or each other for guidance. In addition, we handle all data transfers between your payroll and pension provider. This saves you a considerable amount of time and reduces the risk of errors.
Professional Business People

For companies that we support, this means:

  • They can focus time and resource on their core business, rather than pensions.
  • They manage costs and risks as efficiently as possible.
  • They enhance their reputation as a 'good' employer, as their employees understand what is happening and can see the care taken in getting workplace pensions right for them.

If you want the whole issue of workplace pensions taking off your desk, you have come to the right place. The next step is to contact us for a free, no obligation quotation and outline project plan.

Cost Modelling

‘We can help employers plan for the cost impact of auto enrolment, both now and in the future. Our cost modelling tool takes into account payroll data along with envisaged opt out rates and legislative increases in contribution levels to give a complete picture. We can also use the cost modelling to illustrate ways we can make our service cost neutral to employers. Contact us now to find out how’.

Employee Support

‘Naturally, employees will have lots of questions about auto enrolment and workplace pensions. Our plain English ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ document is popular with our clients and is issued free of charge at the appropriate time in your project. Telephone and web based support is also included, as time spent finding the answers to employee’s questions can otherwise lead to an impact on work time and productivity’.


‘Payroll is a pivotal part of auto enrolment and it is vital to your business that the payroll cycle is not broken due to your workplace pension duties. We will help you make the most of the existing functionality you already have within your payroll software so that payday is business as usual at your company’.

Assess Current Schemes

‘If you have an existing workplace pension, here are two things you might not expect; firstly, it may not be suitable for auto enrolment. Secondly, your existing pension provider may not want to accept your employees who are not currently in the pension. We can assess your existing schemes efficiently and robustly so that you get the best outcome’.